Blackstone Adventure Ready 17" Tabletop Griddle with Range Top

Blackstone Adventure Ready 17\" Tabletop Griddle with Range Top

Great for the fifth wheel camper trailer guy.
Great quality with the exception of the feet. I have another 17'' griddle that I have used and thought this one with the attached lid and side burner would work well for camping as I'm always using a separate burner for a side dish beans etc. The concept is great but with the edition of a very sturdy attached grill cover and a cast iron side grate the item is very heavy. It will work great to be able to keep for the tent trailer and probably the back yard but its just too big/ bulky and heavy to be effecient for a quick trip or tent camping. Basically ideal for the guy with the big fifth wheel and truck with unlimited weight and room capacity.

Gary I., 10/15/2023
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